Arctic Industries Announces Acquisition of Duracold Refrigeration Manufacturing Company



MIAMI, FL | LOS ANGELES, CA – September 05th, 2018 – Arctic Industries, a leading walk-in cooler and freezer manufacturer sponsored by Stoic Holdings, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Duracold Refrigeration Manufacturing Company (“Duracold”), a Los Angeles-based walk-in cooler and freezer manufacturer.

The Duracold acquisition will expand Arctic’s geographic reach to the western U.S., while enhancing the quality and service that Duracold has delivered to its customers for over 20 years. This acquisition will increase Arctic’s foam-in-place manufacturing capabilities while expanding its customer base, which can now access the combined company’s broader product offerings and bicoastal manufacturing presence.

“Since its founding in 1998, Duracold has earned its reputation for superior product performance, a strong customer value proposition, and exceptional customer service by producing an outstanding product that cost effectively serves its customers’ refrigeration needs,” said David Grife, President of Arctic Industries. “We are excited to join forces with Duracold and take the combined company to the next level.”

Harold Monsher, President of Duracold, will remain with the business to ensure a successful transition. “I founded Duracold to be the leader in FIP in the West Coast” said Harold. “After many years of success, I am excited about Arctic’s ability to continue adding value to Duracold’s customers and employees.”

About Arctic Industries

Arctic Industries, LLC was founded in 1981 and is among the premier walk-in cooler manufacturers in the United States with representatives in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean Islands. Arctic Industries offers quality products at an outstanding value utilizing the finest materials and fabricated by a highly trained and experienced staff. Arctic Industries serves its base of customers from manufacturing facilities in Miami, FL. and Los Angeles, CA.

On January 19, 2018, Arctic Industries was acquired by Stoic Holdings, a private equity firm. Stoic builds long-term value by making concentrated investments in market leading businesses.

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Arctic Walk-In Coolers is the walk-in choice at the USTA Grandstand Stadium in Flushing Meadows, NY

The United Stated Tennis Association (USTA) chose Arctic Walk-Ins for their 3 Million dollar kitchen renovation project.  The project presented some challenges to the design team as the kitchen was located underground  and did not have a  loading  dock.  The Sam Tell designer team trusted in Arctic Industries, Inc. to provide the solutions needed for this particular application.


Arctic Industries, Inc. just turned 35 Years

Arctic Walk-Ins Building

Arctic Walk-Ins Building

Miami, FL, June, 2016 — Arctic Industries is excited to have reached its 35-year anniversary as a leading manufacturer of walk-in coolers and freezers. Arctic is proud to celebrate 35 years of achievements, and its commitment to the future of the company, the product and the foodservice industry.

“We would like to thank our partners for the successes that Arctic Industries, Inc. has achieved in the past 35 years,” said David Grife, President of Arctic Industries, Inc.

Arctic Industries, Inc. was founded in 1981 by Donald Goodstein, Chairman, and it’s among the premier walk-in cooler manufacturers in the United States with representatives in North America, Central America, South America and Caribbean Islands. Arctic Industries, Inc. offers quality products at an outstanding value utilizing the finest materials and fabricated by a highly trained and experienced staff.

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New York City restaurants are now required to freeze their raw fish before serving it to customers

Back in February 20sushi15, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene considered ruling that all raw fish needed to be kept frozen until it was served. The regulation states that in August, raw fish must be stored in a freezer for at least 15 hours to one week, depending on the restaurant’s freezer and storage. Not all seafood will need to be frozen: Shellfish, farm-raised fish, and some varieties of tuna are exempt from the ruling.

Food and Drug Administration regulations stipulate that fish to be eaten raw – whether as sushi, sashimi, seviche, or tartare  must be frozen first, to kill parasites – but they do not enforce the frozen-fish rule, leaving that to local health officials. The agency says sushi fish can be frozen either by the wholesaler or in the restaurant, and each party likes to believe that the other is taking care of it.

But this is not a new concept for some New York City restaurants  especially those that offer high-quality sushi.

In 2016, restaurants will need to state on menus that consuming raw and undercooked foods can be dangerous to one’s health.

Article from Total FoodService

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New Prestigious Project: Harvest Table

Harvest Table


Aclaimed Chef Charle Palmer has selected Arctic Walk-Ins for his new restaurant Harvest Table at Harvest Inn by Charlie Palmer.

About Harvest Table

Harvest Table offers a welcoming atmosphere for relaxed Wine Country dining. A 12-seat U-shaped bar fronts the 110-seat restaurant, where smooth wood finishes are offset by the classic brickwork of an oversized fireplace under the glow of abundant natural light. Taking inspiration from its juxtaposition of organic and man-made landscaping, Harvest Table is an honest and refined restaurant, ideal for St. Helena gatherings.

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Beer Walk-In Coolers/ Beer Cave by Arctic Walk-Ins


Arctic Walk-Ins  Beer Cave

With the growth in popularity of local craft breweries and taprooms, partner with Arctic for walk-in coolers that exceed your expectations

» Experienced design: Arctic provides consultative services and experience in design            » Glass Doors: Higher visibility of beer selection
» Windows: Highlight your keg storage, production process and unique items
» Refrigeration expertise: Arctic will assist to meet varying temperature requirements throughout the cooler
» Reinforced Walls: Provide structural strength for taps, growler stations and beer delivery installations
» Unique finishes: Choose from a variety of colors and finishes that will enhance your overall design

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Walk- In Cooler Problems- Troubleshooting Guide

The following information is an introduction to the Arctic Walk- Ins troubleshooting guide:

Door Closer
The door closer has been adjusted at the factory so that the rubber roller just touches and slightly turns as it passes the tip on the hook when the door is closing. When properly installed, the door is self-closing and should not be slammed. Slamming the door may cause the door closer to fall out of alignment.

Door Panels
Door and frames have been checked for proper fit and operation at the factory. An unlevel floor may cause doors to not hang square or close properly. This can occur initially at the time of installation or at later date after traffic and the weight of stored product have caused the floor panels to sag. It may be necessary to shim under walk-in floor or door frames at some adjustment. Make sure frame legs are parallel to each other and to adjacent wall panels. The door may not seal properly if the frame is twisted or out of plumb.

Digital Thermometer
Digital thermometers are installed, prewired and tested at the factory.
If your Alarm displays PO message in your digital thermometer you probably have an open probe or the switch closed. If your Alarm displays P1 message in your digital thermometer your probe is not connected.
Always ensure that the probe is connected to the instrument before the power supply is connected and turned ON.
Please consult factory for any calibration or alarm display issues.

Door Heater Replacement
1- The door heater is connected to the same power supply as the light fixture. Turn power off at the source
2- Remove threshold
3- Using a thin-blade screwdriver apply pressure (not leverage) to the door frame extrusion. Pull the s/s snap-on cover with your hand as shown. Always start at one end and continue the operation described above until the entire cover is removed.
4- Remove globe from the vapor proof light fixture
5- Remove receptacle plate on VP light and disconnect heater wire leads.
6- Remove defective heater wire.
7- Install replacement heater wire. Tack with permagum sparingly in order to hold wire in place in its channel.
8- Reinforce with aluminum foil tape (two wraps) at four corners.
9- “Snake” heater wire at threshold taking extra care not to overlap wire, or allow wire to touch itself. Tack down with permagum and foil tape.
10- Reconnect heater wire leads on VP light.
11- Re-Install receptacle plate, globe on VP light.
12- To replace the s/s cover, apply pressure as shown and with your hand press down until the cover snaps in place.
13- Re-install threshold
13- Turn power supply on

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My Arctic walk-in cooler is not working what should I do?

My Arctic walk-in cooler is not working. What Should I do?

If your walk-in is not working properly you need to call a certified technician.If emergency service must be performed Arctic will reimburse you for the wholesale cost of parts and the labor according to the terms of our warranty.

What do Arctic Walk- Ins Warranties cover?

1 Year Refrigeration Labor Warranty: This warranty will pay for the straight time labor to repair or replace defective parts originally supplied by Arctic Walk- Ins for a period of one year.

1 Year Parts Warranty : This warranty will replace from  factory’s inventory or  reimburse for replacement in the field at Arctic Walk- Ins  wholesale cost, at Arctic’s option any part  that proves defective.

5 Years limited compressor warranty: Arctic Walk- Ins will pay the cost to  replace the actual compressor herein defined to be free from defects in material and  factory workmanship , less labor, for a five year  period  and if the unit were properly installed, operated, and  maintained under normal conditions.

15 year panel warranty: Arctic Walk- Ins will repair or replace any panel manufactured  by the company  proved defective  within fifteen years.

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Blue Line Free Shipping Contiguous U.S.

free-blue (2)

Arctic  Intrustries is excited to announce that effective 4/27/15, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all Blue Line walk-in models throughout the 48 contiguous United States.

Blue Line Product Description 

Blue Line is Arctic’s Walk-Ins next day line of walk-in coolers and freezers. This product has been designed and engineered to provide customers with a quick delivery, low cost answer to their refrigeration needs while maintaining Arctic’s quality and customer service. Arctic Walk- Ins introduces Blue Line, our next day line of walk-in coolers and freezers.

Features and advantages

  • Panels are NSF, U.L. listed, tongue and groove, cam lock sealed with dual bulb NSF approved gasket
  • Walls, ceilings and floors are constructed of Energy Code Compliant hi-density foam
  • »Interior and exterior Acrylume finish to minimize fingerprints and oxidation
  • 24″ high diamond tread kick-plates (int. & ext.)
  • Self-contained, top mounted, flush coil refrigeration
  • Key Lock handle
  • Light switch
  • Dial thermometer
  • Vapor-proof door light centered over door
  • Inside safety release
  • Next Day Shipping
  • Doors are 30″ x 78″ centered, self-closing, flush mounted, foamed-in-place.
  • Wood free door + frame
  • Floorless models include NSF approved, coved base vinyl screeds, pre-cut and mitered
  • Smooth aluminum floor finish
  • Spring assist door closer and heavy duty cam lift hinges
  • Door heater and Pressure relief valve (PRV) factory mounted in all freezers
  • Available with self-contained or Remote Pre-assembled refrigeration
  • Self-contained units include hot gas condensate. Plumbing connection is not required.

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