Blue Line by Arctic

blue-final picture
Arctic Walk-Ins introduces Blue Line, our next day line of walk-in coolers and freezers. This product has been designed and engineered to provide customers with a quick delivery, economical answer to their refrigeration needs while maintaining Arctic’s Walk-Ins quality and customer service


» Panels are NSF, U.L. listed, tongue  and groove, cam lock sealed with dual bulb NSF approved gasket
» Walls, ceilings and floors are constructed of Energy Code    Compliant hi-density foam
» Interior and exterior Acrylume finish  to minimize fingerprints and oxidation
» Doors include 24″ high diamond tread kick-plates (int. & ext.)
» Self-contained units include hot gas condensate. Plumbing connection is not required
» Key Lock handle
» Light switch
» Dial thermometer
» Vapor-proof door light centered over door
» Inside safety release

» Next Day Shipping

» Doors are 30″ x 78″ centered,  self-closing, flush mounted, foamed-in-place.  Wood free door + frame
» Floorless models include NSF approved, coved base vinyl  screeds, pre-cut and mitered
» Smooth aluminum floor finish
» Spring assist door closer and heavy duty cam lift hinges
» Door heater and Pressure relief valve (PRV) factory mounted in  all freezers
» Available with self-contained or remote Pre-Assembled refrigeration

Do you need a walk-in cooler? Call Arctic’s sales department today 1- 800 325 0123 or visit

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