My Arctic walk-in cooler is not working what should I do?

My Arctic walk-in cooler is not working. What Should I do?

If your walk-in is not working properly you need to call a certified technician.If emergency service must be performed Arctic will reimburse you for the wholesale cost of parts and the labor according to the terms of our warranty.

What do Arctic Walk- Ins Warranties cover?

1 Year Refrigeration Labor Warranty: This warranty will pay for the straight time labor to repair or replace defective parts originally supplied by Arctic Walk- Ins for a period of one year.

1 Year Parts Warranty : This warranty will replace from  factory’s inventory or  reimburse for replacement in the field at Arctic Walk- Ins  wholesale cost, at Arctic’s option any part  that proves defective.

5 Years limited compressor warranty: Arctic Walk- Ins will pay the cost to  replace the actual compressor herein defined to be free from defects in material and  factory workmanship , less labor, for a five year  period  and if the unit were properly installed, operated, and  maintained under normal conditions.

15 year panel warranty: Arctic Walk- Ins will repair or replace any panel manufactured  by the company  proved defective  within fifteen years.

For more information please visit or call our customer servicedepartment at 305-883-5581

Do you need a new Arctic Walk-In Cooler or freezer? Send us an email to

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