Walk- In Cooler Problems- Troubleshooting Guide

The following information is an introduction to the Arctic Walk- Ins troubleshooting guide:

Door Closer
The door closer has been adjusted at the factory so that the rubber roller just touches and slightly turns as it passes the tip on the hook when the door is closing. When properly installed, the door is self-closing and should not be slammed. Slamming the door may cause the door closer to fall out of alignment.

Door Panels
Door and frames have been checked for proper fit and operation at the factory. An unlevel floor may cause doors to not hang square or close properly. This can occur initially at the time of installation or at later date after traffic and the weight of stored product have caused the floor panels to sag. It may be necessary to shim under walk-in floor or door frames at some adjustment. Make sure frame legs are parallel to each other and to adjacent wall panels. The door may not seal properly if the frame is twisted or out of plumb.

Digital Thermometer
Digital thermometers are installed, prewired and tested at the factory.
If your Alarm displays PO message in your digital thermometer you probably have an open probe or the switch closed. If your Alarm displays P1 message in your digital thermometer your probe is not connected.
Always ensure that the probe is connected to the instrument before the power supply is connected and turned ON.
Please consult factory for any calibration or alarm display issues.

Door Heater Replacement
1- The door heater is connected to the same power supply as the light fixture. Turn power off at the source
2- Remove threshold
3- Using a thin-blade screwdriver apply pressure (not leverage) to the door frame extrusion. Pull the s/s snap-on cover with your hand as shown. Always start at one end and continue the operation described above until the entire cover is removed.
4- Remove globe from the vapor proof light fixture
5- Remove receptacle plate on VP light and disconnect heater wire leads.
6- Remove defective heater wire.
7- Install replacement heater wire. Tack with permagum sparingly in order to hold wire in place in its channel.
8- Reinforce with aluminum foil tape (two wraps) at four corners.
9- “Snake” heater wire at threshold taking extra care not to overlap wire, or allow wire to touch itself. Tack down with permagum and foil tape.
10- Reconnect heater wire leads on VP light.
11- Re-Install receptacle plate, globe on VP light.
12- To replace the s/s cover, apply pressure as shown and with your hand press down until the cover snaps in place.
13- Re-install threshold
13- Turn power supply on

For all other questions regarding Walk-In Coolers & Freezers please contact our customer service department 1 800 325 0123 or sales@arcticwalkins.com  http://www.arcticwalkins.com

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